Deathstar Convertible – Shadows Smile



Album: “Shadows Smile” by Deathstar Convertible

Released: 05 February 2015

I discovered the album “Shadows Smile” by Deathstar Convertible a few days after the release. The sound was totally different to what I imagined from the artist name.
Also I hardly have any information about the artist. What is written in the profile is;
UK-based musician applying a wide-range of influences (in particular epic post-rock and electronica) to form my own instrumental, film-score style sounds.

This album consists of 6 instrumental tracks.
I believe that Deathstar Convertible is a solo project.
The first track “Parallax” brings me back memories of piano practice. It is almost separated from the main part of the track, acting like an introduction. 15 seconds into the track, the mood changes to more of an ambient kind of sound. This track goes on 4 minutes and 36 seconds, the shortest track of the album. It is the most appealing track in my opinion. Perhaps this is the only track short enough to receive air play without any problems.
A couple of tracks sound rather dark. The track titles are also suitability matched.
Overall, this is an album you can enjoy fabulous progressive-electronica music.

1. Parallax
2. Tricks The Gods Play On Men
3. Lost In Neon
4. My (New) Little Secret
5. Stars Gather, Slowly Merge
6. Bring All Souls Might


Useful links to know about Deathstar Convertible;
Twitter: @DS_convertible

DC 1




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