SOLLUS – Bitter Pill


Artist: SOLLUS
New Single: Bitter Pill

Release Date: 30 January 2016


Today I am sharing the new music from SOLLUS, who is based in London.
SOLLUS is a solo project by a multi-instrumentalist, a producer and a music maker Harrison Brown. He describes SOLLUS’ music as Indie, Electronic and R&B.

“Bitter Pill” is the second single from forthcoming EP.
The song begins with the sound that resembles an Andean flute. Then one by one, other instruments join in, finally followed by the vocals to complete the tune. The whole atmosphere is calm yet mysterious. The bass line through the track makes me feel I am like riding a goat on Andes mountains. Though I have never been to South America, I can visualise the view of the lower land from higher up the mountain. I have no idea if Harrison’s image was like mine when he wrote and recorded this track. The lyrics don’t relate to what I can hear from the sound. It’s more urban. Maybe his bitter pill is creating the hallucination.
Overall, the crafting of “Bitter Pill” of R&B with an electronic sound is successful. It is wonderful to know that SOLLUS has a lot to offer.

As I mentioned earlier, “Bitter Pill” is the second single from SOLLUS’ forthcoming EP, which is due to be released on 26th February. The first single “The Lights” was released about a month ago. Both are beautiful tracks in their own way, “The Lights” is more ambient and less R&B than “Bitter Pill”. But both are recommended. I am thrilled about the release.

You can listen to the new single “Bitter Pill” here.


“Bitter Pill” Taster on YouTube.


01 Sollus cover3
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