DOCK CITY – “Wilted Roses”(single)

Single: Wilted Roses
Release: 29.04.2022

Hailing from Liverpool, Dock City is a newly formed alternative indie band who released their debut single “Wilted Roses” recently.

This song “Wilted Roses” appeals to you from the beginning with the lovely sound of a short guitars section. It’s almost like a little hesitating, but I guess that is a perfect gesture for their premiere before showing off what the band can do. The signal from the drummer brings the song very alive. After all the instruments come together momentarily, the vocal joins in beautifully. The lead vocalist Jack Gray has a fabulous tone of voice, and he can go as gentle as almost no other singer can. What’s particularly noticeable is that the bass line gives the song a solid construction. The song is charming with tempo that keeps your feet tapping if not dancing through out the song.

It seems that the band have been very active in the local live scene since the band lineup was completed early this year, and hopefully they will continue. This is a kind of song that they enjoy a singalong with audiences. I must point out that they surprise you at how good they are for a new band. I am very happy to have listened to “Wilted Roses” and I’m sure there are more to come from Dock City.

(Teri Morris)

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