Kumas – “IDWWU” (new single)

Single: IDWWU
Release: 07.05.2021

Hailing from Scunthorpe, in the north of England, Kumas are a four-piece Pop Rock band. They have been creating bouncy, addictive indie pop music since they formed in 2015 under the name of State My Place which became Kumas after reforming with the current lineup.

IDWWU is the band’s new single released today. If you have listened to their music before, you might be surprised to hear this new tune. Just after the soft vocals start, the beautiful melody gets disturbed with a sound which feels like thunder, but after that the song moves forward. From that point on, the song gradually gets more powerful and emotional before the song closes dramatically. The track almost reminds me of Bon Jovi.

Regardless of whether the band is heading to a different direction musically or not, this song is still very different to what we are used to hearing. With the release of IDWWU the band are now attempting to conquer Alternative Rock, and they demonstrate some strong abilities with their song writing and production skills. I totally enjoy listening to IDWWU. They have definitely set their own bar high.

( Teri Morris )

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Connect with Kumas
Website  |  Facebook |  Instagram  |  Twitter
BandCamp | iTunes |  Spotify  |  YouTube


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