Kumas – “Separation Anxiety” (new single)

kumas art 
Single: Separation Anxiety
Release: 10th July 2020


Haling from Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, Kumas are a four piece pop punk band formed in 2015. After rebranding and slight lineup changes,  Kumas released their commendable EP ‘Nobody Rides For Free” in 2019. When ‘Take It and Leave’ the lead single of this EP was finally released, the quartet made the local scene buzz including a feature on BBC Introducing Lincolnshire.

Separation Anxiety is the band’s first release since their acoustic live EP was released earlier this year. This song starts with a cheerful guitar riff which makes your mood uplifted straight away. You also hear some appealing riffs later on. Then other instruments join to build the song up nicely. Kumas are categorised as pop punk, although this song is not a stereo type pop punk tune, but more like affectionate indie pop. The melancholic vocal is their signature style, and the lyric is about the emotional statement during the lockdown. I understand that everyone has experienced this unexpected and unusual situation, and so we all feel the message of this song, which is well expressed. Towards the end of the song, the two vocals go over each other with the different phrases. I feel that they have room to improve this section a little more, which is my only criticism.

Overall, they have crafted an addictive and refreshing new song, which should be heard by a large number of music fans through the summer. I cannot wait to hear what comes from the band in the near future.



Separation Anxiety (Isolation Live Performance)



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