Honeycub – “Nothing Changes” (new single)


Honeycub nothing changes cover
Single: Nothing Changes
Release: 3rd July 2020


Honeycub are a three-piece rock band based in Leeds and formed in 2015 when old school friends started making big noises. The trio released their first single ‘You Are Nothing’ in 2018.

Nothing Changes is the band’s 5th single.  It begins with the slightly dark and heavy sound of the intro. The sound gets stronger and stronger as it goes on. They use the repetition of an appealing melody which is to make sure you are hooked to the song. When the modest vocal joins in, the band give the first indication of what this song means. Then the mood changes when the vocal becomes powerful, and the brilliantly performed high-notes are captivating. You get the feeling that Honeycub are heavily influenced by 90’s grunge. My only criticism is . . . if some parts of the vocals were less fuzzy, the the track would have more impact, although this is my personal opinion. Over all, however, they have created and performed their new song Nothing Changes in a unique and refreshing way and have leveled up to give a breath of fresh air into grunge rock.

The band tell us about the song; “Driven by a pent-up anger at the resistance of the world changing for the better, Nothing Changes drops at a time of massive upheaval, with a battering ram riff crushing all resistance. The ethereal verses sit in stark contrast, drawing on the monotony of routine and forced participation in the current rat race.”

For Fans of: Fangclub, Sick Joy, Radiohead, Nirvana



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