Never Hill release “Thunder” (new single)


Never Hill Thunder cover art 
Never Hill
Single: Thunder
Release: 6th July 2020


Never Hill began their journey in 2012 in Warwickshire, England. Some noticeably good bands were born in that area, and under their original name, Oceans Above, they got together and started creating their own music. In early 2015, the band re-branded and became Never Hill, and in doing so they began a new chapter. Having said that, the band has not released any music in the last two years. Thunder is their new single which has been long awaited by many people including myself.

The song starts with the vocal straight away which is accompanied by a guitar, it is gentle and melancholic. This is a good omen which you know will bring you something nice and exciting. When all the instruments join in, Adam’s vocal becomes authentic just like the way you want, and then the song is very much alive and you are now glued to the tune. Never Hill‘s music style has changed over the years, but this song sounds a lot closer to their unique sound which was originally introduced to us.  The opening line of the chorus “Look at what we made we turned fire into rain” is an epic expression. I must say that the tone of the guitars is very refreshing and now is the right time to be listening to this song.

Thunder is the kind of song that gives you total satisfaction when you finish listening. Never Hill know how to create a fresh and unique sound while continuing to play in their characteristic musical style.




Recently the vocalist and one of the original members of the band, Adam told us about releasing a new single; “People have always asked us when will we release new stuff, and the answer was “eventually”. But honestly I didn’t think we would. We all just kind of fell out of love with the pursuit or being in a band. We did in fact have a few new songs recorded just didn’t see how we would carry on. We did our own things for a while. But Dan (guitar) and I were always writing stuff in the background.” 

Also he told us about creating Thunder, “This is a track we wrote a while back and has changed a lot since it’s first draft. Luckily before lockdown, we had recorded all the drums with some tweaks to structure. Guitars were revised and vocals were re done to kind of portray how we felt now as a band, and I mixed it. I wrote the lyrics based on the fact Thunder you hear it but don’t see it. That’s how I felt we were… like thunder, always making tunes but never releasing them or showing them. With thunder, for once we felt excited again!  We got Johnny who was the OG bassist from back in the day when we were called the Oceans Above, He lives in Canada now but he’s tracked all the bass on it. Everyone would record their parts, then send them my way and I’d mix and master it at my home studio.”  He hinted that their direction musically is with this style and you will find it when their upcoming EP is ready near future.


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