One Last Daybreak – “Maybe Tomorrow” (new EP)


One Last Daybreak ep cover
One Last Daybreak
EP: Maybe Tomorrow


London band One Last Daybreak who are not afraid to be honest debuted with their first single, ‘According to Pleasure, I Was Low on the Food Chain’ in February 2018. Since then, they have been steadily moving forward.

Maybe Tomorrow is the new EP by the Emo quartet One Last Daybreak. It follows on from 2018’s debut EP ‘A Thousand Thoughts’.

This EP smashes out of the starting blocks with recently released single Coward. It’s a powerful and emotional track that seems to tell the story of a father walking out on his family and all the anger felt by the people involved. It’s a great energetic track and a good way to start off the EP, it seems to evolve the story, starting with almost confusion at what’s happening to the hatred you’re now feeling about the person.

Track two is Like Father, Like None, with another energetic riff, it reminds me a little bit of a maybe Bullet For My Valentine or Trivium, it makes you feel like you’re ready for an explosive mosh pit, building up all the excitement. The lyrics seem to continue on the idea of losing your father, maybe not as clear as in the first song, but maybe more emotionally abandoned than literally.

The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over The Ship is next on Maybe Tomorrow. Keeping with the quick heavy riffs, this song feels almost lighter, I don’t feel all the angst I felt in the first two songs. It feels more like a journey of self discovery rather than the anger of the previous tracks. You can feel almost like you’re heading towards a successful ending moving on in spite of what you’ve been through.

Old World Blues continues on with their happier side to One Last Daybreak, it’s more of the great energy you feel through the album but again you don’t feel any anger. The chorus of this track really drives home what I felt in the previous track, “spent so long chasing the past” and moving on, being positive. It’s quite uplifting really and a lovely way to end this EP.

The band explains that Maybe Tomorrow pulls on the heartstrings of individuals that have experienced trauma and loss, with each song representing one of the Kübler-Ross stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining/Depression and Acceptance). No wonder why you can feel real emotion in the music and in the lyrics. This EP is well written, and is really professionally produced. It looks like this band are in it 100% and the music backs that up.

  –  Chris Brain





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