Black Bear Kiss – “The First Time” (single)

Black Bear Kiss
Single: The First Time
Release: 18.02.22

Since the last time Music Matters reviewed Black Bear Kiss‘s music in 2019, a lot of things happened in our life, even the live music scene for a time came to a stand still. 16 months after their last single “When I Break”, the band released their single “The First Time” .

“The First Time” makes me think that the band have decided to go back to basics. It’s slower with simpler melodies compared to other songs they have released previously. However, it has a crisp rhythm which your foot naturally starts tapping to, and your head begins to move as soon as the song gets under way. As the vocal is very clear, you can hear every word the vocalist Chris says. This is a warm and friendly song which fills you with belief, and it is an anthem that all audiences can sing along to during any of their live performances from a cozy small venue to a huge outdoor festival. Something that I’m sure we will experience in the coming months.

This song “The First Time” is a special one for Black Bear Kiss as it was written and recorded in honour of Rob Jones, the guitarist of the band who suddenly passed away last year. The band tell us their story;

Our guitarist Rob Jones suddenly passed away whilst with his family from an underlying heart condition no-one knew anything about. He was just 36. 

Losing Rob clearly affected the world of those closest to him. We cannot bring him back, but we want to do everything we can to prevent this tragedy happening to someone else. So, we have written and recorded “The First Time” in Rob’s honour. 

The First Time was released Friday 18th February in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) with the support of Rob’s family, fiancé and young son. All proceeds will go directly to the charity, so that they can continue the research into heart conditions and to support the families affected, as well as funding its pioneering, UK-wide cardiac screening programme. 

Every week, 12 apparently fit and healthy young people in the UK die suddenly from a previously undiagnosed heart defect. In 80% of these cases, there will have been no signs or symptoms until it is too late, which is why CRY believes screening is so vitally important.  

This is our tribute to you Rob.
We will never forget you and we will strive to carry on with the work you have done. We love you. 

( Teri Morris )

You can download/stream “The First Time” here: Amazon / iTunes

Connect with Black Bear Kiss
Facebook: @blackbearkissband | Instagram: @blackbearkiss | Twitter: @blackbearkiss
Soundcloud: Black Bear Kiss | Spotify: Black Bear Kiss | YouTube:  Black Bear Kiss


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