Our Propaganda – My Ghosts (single)

Our Propaganda
Single: My Ghosts
Release: 07.01.22

Hailing from Southampton, British alt-rock quartet Our Propaganda have recently released their new single ‘My Ghosts’. This song is the fourth single in their current phase with their debut album in sights. Since October 2021, the band have released a single every month. Each song gives a slightly different feel, yet every song is faultless, showing just how talented Our Propaganda are.

The newest song ‘My Ghosts’ is their gentlest tune so far, yet it’s still powerful. The melancholic guitar leads throughout the song, whilst the rhythm section supports the emotional undertones with the tender vocals expressing the sense of distress. The execution of the high vocal notes towards the end is excellent. Our Propaganda definitely showcase their abilities here by creating and performing their music perfectly for the nature of this song. There is definitely something special about this band.

The frontman Jack Denton tells us, ‘My Ghosts’ is about how your past comes back to haunt you in your darkest moments. It’s about how sometimes, you never really let go of the problems you face as a young person. It’s once again a song about accepting them as part of the person you’ve become. “They’ll never leave me but despite them I carry on”. It’s about reconciling with painful memories and knowing that they’re not the arbiter of how you go on.”

If you haven’t listened to ‘My Ghosts’ or other songs, it is about time for you to check them out. I expect that at least another single from Our Propaganda will be forthcoming before they are ready to release the debut album, which will only continue to make the excitement rise. By the time we hear the album in full, they will deserve a much bigger audience, maybe with some big festivals to come in the Summer too.

(Teri Morris)

My Ghosts (Lyrics)
You came out from nowhere
And into my life,
Was it my name, number or just me?
That set me in your sights
Were you afraid of who I could be?
And what you saw you would be

There are ghosts haunting me
To this day,
I doubt they’ll leave me

And what you saw in yourself
Was a shade, a wraith
You came from nothing
On my, darkest of nights
With your chains rattling
They echo, echo through the night

There are ghosts haunting me
To this day, I doubt they’ll leave me
There are ghosts doubting me
To this day,
I doubt they’ll leave me

They’re my ghosts
Oh, they’re my, they’re my

There are ghosts doubting me
There are ghosts taunting me

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