PROMPTS – “Möbius” (single)

New Single: Möbius
Release: 10.12.21

Hailing from Tokyo, an emerging metalcore quintet PROMPTS just released their new single “Möbius”. This follows “Asphyxiate” (feat. Ryo Kinoshita), the single the band made the scene buzzing in the summer.

This song “Möbius” opens with a super modern production, using electronic elements to build hype into what turns out to be the songs main hook which spoiler alert… is insane. Heavy. Hard hitting. 20 seconds in and you’re thinking ‘wow this is heavy, I can’t imagine where they go from here.’ Then that verse hits. Absolutely crushing. Not only is the instrumentation balls to the wall, the production style really suits this song with that huge snare and dark tonality overall. The vocals are exactly what I like to hear on a metal track. You can really hear the disdain in his throat. You believe every word he’s saying. For me this always elevates a track!

This song is with high energy from start to finish, always keeping you on your toes for that next drop. The hook is obviously to focal point of this song which is a huge win as it goes hard. But for me personally, the second verse breakdown & build up absolutely take the cake in terms of making you want to throw hands. Although we take a step down in terms of energy during the second verse, which works brilliantly in creating anticipation for the breakdown. The phrase ‘So I let them come inside’ is met with a real lesson in how to do a modern metal breakdown effectively. Mixing the sounds of bands like Alpha Wolf, Crystal Lake and SPITE to bring easily the most disgusting section of the whole piece. Heavy is an understatement.

This whole piece is a very good listen for fans of the genera.

Jack Wood (End Of Daze)

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