Midgar – “Warrens” (EP)

EP: Warrens
Release: 29.10.21

I have been collaborating with the Music Matters blog for a few months now and one of my favourite things, apart from discovering new bands, is the unpredictability and variety of music that I will encounter. And still, when Midgar’s EP “Warrens” reached my hands, I wasn’t just surprised – I was blown away.

Midgar will be well known to many, as their previous full length album released in the summer was chosen by Kerrang! Radio as “Featured album of the week”. But I will put my hand up now and admit that this is a new discovery for me, one that I’ve been thrilled to discover.

This just released EP contains one new single and three re-imagined songs previously released.

Warrens opens with the song that gives title to the EP and it is just such a beauty. The very atmospherical sound will transport you to your happy place, the orchestral additions and Andy Wilson-Taylor’s voice give it such an ethereal feel. However two thirds in, the heavy riffs and hefty drums will take you out of the beautiful trance the beginning of the songs lulls you in and punch you in the guts. It’s raw but wonderfully polished. It’s class.

The next track, Nemesis, is a remix from the song already included in the album “Unity”. In the album, Nemesis is a complex track – aggressive screamed vocals mixed with gorgeous tunes. The Wiseman Remix in the EP, however, the song takes an industrial feel, evocative of Nine Inch Nails at times. It’s a great remix of the original even if only some elements remain.

We Don’t Make The Rules (Acoustic Orchestral Version) follows Nemesis, and it’s such a contrast in styles from its predecessor that you’ll be confused for a minute. Where Nemesis is made even heavier in this version, We Don’t Make The Rules is prettified. Stripped from its drums and heavy guitars, and with the addition of orchestral strings, the song remains pure at its core – with the defining piano sound remaining in this version to carry it to its dazzling end.

The EP finishes with Isle of Glass (Acoustic Orchestral Version), another song already released in “Unity”. This version is probably the more subtle one. Isle of Glass is already quite sweet and orchestral enough in its original form. However in this version in the “Warrens” EP, Midgar ramp up the strings and take the song into ballad territory, the vulnerability of the vocals making us swoon.

Overall, a very enjoyable EP – and with the exception of Nemesis – all tracks are soft but polished. Naked and refined. Glorious.

( Maria La Chica )

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(Released on Year Of The Rat Records)

Lyrics – Warrens
Something tells me I’ve been here before
I see familiar faces
And I’ve walked these halls and opened ever door
To these familiar spaces
We’re going down
Don’t pull me back
There’s something living in these warrens
We’re going down
We can never go back
Just let me die here in the dark
Just let me die here in the dark
Just let me stay here in these walls
We’re going down, we’re going
We’re going down
We can never go back
Just let me stay here in these warrens
We’re going down
We can never come back
Just let me stay here in the dark
Let me stay


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