Dig Lazarus – “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time”  (album) 

Dig Lazarus
Album: Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Release: 15 October 2021

I am honored to be reviewing this brand new album by Dig Lazarus that is releasing to the public on October 15th. “Don’t threaten me with a good time” (or, DTMWAGT for short) follows on from their 2019 EP “Figured it out” which had the excellent Tell me why track on it. DTMWAGT includes a couple of tracks already in the EP however these fit perfectly well with the overall sound of the full LP. They are all fun, fast and very rocky songs – a perfect combination.

The album has been recorded and produced with Dave Draper from the Wildhearts and the band describe it as the culmination of almost ten years’ work, playing and writing together and blending as a band with their unique take on this timeless genre. The songs featured in this album also represent their journey as a band and some of them have been in the band’s repertoire since the group’s inception when they were still college students.

The first track in the album, Sermon, made me laugh the very first time I heard it, but I must admit that it is the perfect intro to the album. With a title like Sermon, it should not have been a surprise to hear the church pipe organ tune but it was. However when the voice Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal comes in saying the words that inspired the title of this album, it is clear to everyone that Dig Lazarus are indeed about to have a good time.

Sermon gives way to Road Runner, which for me, is one of my top 3 favourite songs in the album. If you’re listening with headphones on, the drums will reverberate through your skull, but it’s the punchy guitar riff that really carries this song.

Tell me why, track four in the album, is another one of my top 3 favourite songs. It’s catchy, and although it’s as rocky as the rest of the album, you could potentially say that its hook is almost taken from pop-punk classics. I just love the build up from minute two towards the end of the song – I bet this is a fun one to see live.

Almost half way through the album we have Dexter, the song the band first ever wrote together, and it still sounds as fresh as it probably did back then. Dexter is probably the punkiest track in the album. It’s fast and fun, the riffs punchy and the vocals raw, produced with a vocal effect that works perfectly with the song.

DTMWAGT follows Dexter and it’s the song that gives title to the album. It’s got a slower pace than Dexter, and it’s a grower… the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it. The band certainly has their own formula for their music but it works. Those rounded riffs and daring drums just work with Ash’s vocals.

Track nine, Joker, sounds like the classics, like something written and performed by the Big Names in the rock scene, and it would not be out of place in main radio stations across the UK. The first 30 seconds intro to the song are just most excellent.

As we approach the end of the album, we keep encountering gems, more quality vocals and some of the finest riffs produced lately. Songs like Keep it clean and Sky tonight are prime examples of just  these guys having fun with their music and it shows.

But it is the last track of the album, Time froze, where my most favourite track in this album can be found. Dig Lazarus leave best until last with this track that has got such a blues vibe to start with and it evolves into almost desert rock reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. Time froze features close the band’s friend and inspiration Ally Dickaty from The Virginmarys.

Overall, this is a very well crafted album that will probably age well due to the rounded collection of almost timeless rock songs. I am sure that we will be hearing great things about Dig Lazarus in years to come and if you can catch them live, they are touring the UK right now with the Virginmarys.

Well, they will be about to finish their UK tour supporting the Virginmarys when the album releases on October 15, however you may still be able to catch them live in the last leg of the tour.
Here are the dates: 10th Oct – HUDDLESFIELD @ Parish
13th Oct – CHESTER @ The Live Rooms
14th Oct – HULL @ New Adelphi Club
15th Oct – BIRMINGHAM @ Dead Wax
16th Oct – MANCHESTER @ Academy 3

“Don’t threaten me with a good time” Track list:
1. Sermon
2. Road Runner
3. Never Change
4. Tell Me Why
5. Satisfied
6. Dexter
8. Feel
9. Joker
10. Keep It Clean
11. Sky Tonight
12. Outlaw
13. Time Froze

Dig Lazarus are:
Ash Tustain – lead vocals and guitars
Atticus Hall-McNair – vocals and bass
Jack Cotterill – drums and percussion

( Maria La Chica )

Connect With Dig Lazarus:
Official Website | Facebook @diglazarusuk | Instagram @diglazarus | Twitter @Dig_Lazarus
iTunes | Spotify | YouTube


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