Call to the Faithful – “Demons” (new single)


Call to the Faithful 
Single: Demons



Call to the Faithful are an alternative rock band from Peterborough, England. And Demons is their third single since the band officially debuted in 2018.

Demons begins with some gentle guitar and it already makes you feel that you are listening to something special. Matt’s voice comes in calmly at first but then he takes control and unleashes a sorrowful and angry vocal – the mental power of which is a truly frightening. There are also some very tasty riffs along the way which you are sure to enjoy. Each instrument demonstrates the sound skillfully and each one gives the song something special. Overall, the band have crafted and performed this melodic rock song Demons with great persuasion.

The song was released on Friday 22nd May during Mental Health Awareness Week and Call to the Faithful are donating everything they make from this release to a great charity called Papyrus who do outstanding work to prevent suicide in young people. The song itself centres around the issue of mental health, and the story the band tell through their music video is a very hard-hitting and emotional. The band say, “Demons is written from the perspective of someone fighting a daily battle with their demons, it explores dark themes through its lyrics and hard-hitting video. Proceeds from sales will also be donated to a mental health charity.”

(*Featured photo by Jay.Bass)




Demons (Lyrics)

Here come those demons again
I’m not sure that they ever left
When the days all feel so dark
How can you tell them apart?
Here come those demons again
You greet them like they are an old friend
When you feel so full of doubt
You’ve just gotta figure it out
All of the times when you ask yourself why

Why? Why? Why?

No one said that this would be easy
No one said that it would be fun
When you start over thinking
All the things you’ve done
You know you’re not the one
You don’t deserve their love
And here comes those demons again
You don’t even know where to begin
When you’re in the darkest of days
How to send those bad thoughts away
When you feel there’s no way out

There’s no one to hear, you scream and you shout

Here comes those demons again
You just needed a friend


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