Black Lakes – “Break The Silence” (new single)

Black Lakes break the silence cover 
Black Lakes
Single: Break The Silence




Black Lakes are a 6 piece band based around Cardiff, Wales, and they create and perform a sound where hard rock and metal cross over.

Break The Silence begins with a beautiful intro which is layered with a guitar and a very soft vocal. Then at 25 seconds in, suddenly Will’s vocal explodes powerfully with the words “Breaking through the silence, trapped in our own hell”, which expresses a sense of desperation very well. At this point you are glued to the song.  Their authentic heavy melodic hard rock sound is absolutely appealing. The contrast of the sound within this track is brilliantly created, and it keeps the momentum going. Black Lakes have crafted something special that you will remember for a long, long time.

The band say, “the song is about loneliness and isolation penned from personal experiences, long before the present worldwide lockdown. It was originally scheduled for a much later release, though the current set of circumstances left the band feeling compelled to release it at this time.” Break The Silence was released on 22nd May and supported by the stunning lyric video.

Black Lakes are returning to the studio to work with Romesh Dogangoda imminently, to record their debut album and are currently running a fund raising;




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