After Smoke Clears – “Rapacious” (new single)

After Smoke Clears
New Single: Rapacious
Release: 10.09.20

After Smoke Clears are back and as relentless as ever, with another heavy groove-laden piece of the puzzle, in Rapacious. Their fifth single perfectly fitting the mold of everything we’ve heard so far from their upcoming 10 track album Edification.

Rapacious begins with, dare I say, a Tool inspired groove on the intro that gradually introduces more familiarity to regular listeners of the band. As their signature chug groove rhythms accompanied by equally rhythmic hard-hitting vocals are introduced and proceeds to gradually intensify as the song progresses.

After Smoke Clears have done an incredible job in the past at syncing their music with their message, and illustrating that with fantastic visuals in their music videos. Rapacious is no exception, painting a dark and unsettling scene filled with imagery of gluttony and paranoia.

The message of the song is for me best embodied by the delivery of the line “Mindless consumerism”. Once again they showcase a deep-level of consideration to the lyrics, and tackling hard macro issues in our society today.

The last time I reviewed a song from After Smoke Clears, I was blown away by them and asserted that I could not wait for what is to come. Rapacious is exactly what I was hoping for, and it is still only an appetizer.

–  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

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