LASTELLE – “Distant Bodies” (new single)

New Single: Distant Bodies
Video Release: 29.09.20
Digital Release: 02.10.20

Atmospheric post-hardcore group Lastelle is back with the next chapter in their single Distant Bodies. Following up from Coping Without A Cure, an emotional piece, Distant Bodies takes on a different lane and gets right up in your face, while still staying true to the band’s harmonic style with cascading vocal parts and beautiful ambient leads.

The song is themed around the hurt felt when the person you are infatuated with doesn’t feel the same way, and how that can affect a person. Hence the song adopts an aggressive nature with melancholy weaved in between. This recipe adds some spice to the little we have heard from this new journey Lastelle has us on embarked on.

Distant Bodies has moments invoking hope and a notion that the situation will resolve itself but then injects chaotic fills that unsettle that feeling, and to me serves as a reminder that it will never be quite that easy.

The ambient parts in this single are a lot less prominent than expected and are instead eloquently fitted into places where they would have a real impact on the listener, and carry a specific emotion so much further. This is a very nice touch from the Oxford unit.

Lastelle once again showcase their affinity for creating masterworks in the art of storytelling through the medium of music. Distant Bodies is a well thought out composition that tackles a tough feeling to deal with in a very thoughtful way.

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

Freddie Whatmore (bass/vocal) talks about the song; “Our music is heavily influenced by the cascading, soundscape-esque natures of Post-Rock, but with Distant Bodies we wanted to write a track that hits hard, getting straight to the point. In its lyrical content, Distant Bodies focuses on that feeling of being infatuated with someone but knowing it’s not reciprocated, and how that can really tear you apart. Chapter I – Coping Without a Cure had a lot of overlapping, chaotic vocals to embody frustration – it was written to be cinematic. Distant Bodies is our second Chapter, and is meant to be overwhelming in a different sense; fast-paced and chaotic in it’s instrumentation, with more precise layering of vocals to help solidify the song.”

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