LASTELLE – Coping Without A Cure (new single)


Lastelle Coping Without A Cure Artwork
Single: Coping Without A Cure
Video Release: 4th August 2020
Digital Release: 7th August 2020 


An atmospheric post-hardcore band hailing from Oxfordshire, LASTELLE have unveiled the first of their new project with a single that brings all the feels. We would expect no less from the unit that have built a reputation of constructing phenomenal emotional harmonies with heavy post-hardcore influence. They meet all these expectations but leave us wanting the next level. This is by design as Coping Without A Cure is only the first chapter, and it makes an impactful appetizer.

Themes of self-growth wrapped in a warm melancholy blanket is the short and sweet about the song. It never veers far from its core rhythm and layers different elements of ambience cascading over one another throughout the song.

It evokes a sense of wonder and discovery which speaks back to the theme of the song, and credit is due for how well everything fits together. The song feels like the start of a new adventure and builds even more on the anticipation for what is to come from LASTELLE.

The vocals on Coping Without A Cure are some of the best I’ve heard from them. In most songs of this style, the voice is the glue by contributing to the ambience and driving the intensity when it picks up while never becoming overbearing to the listener. This is a great example of how to do that balancing act to perfection.

Aside from being a song that does what it was intended to do, in alluding to the band’s future plans, really well. This single does not completely set itself apart from its peers, but definitely ranks among the best of them.

  –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)



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