The Trusted – “Love and Suicide”

The Trusted
New EP: Love and Suicide
Release: 11.09.20

Love and Suicide is the new EP from Southend indie rockers The Trusted.

The EP starts off with previously released single The Innocent. It’s a real refreshing sound that instantly picks you up. Starting off with a real indie/brit pop feel good opening, we’re teased with a simple guitar riff which shows a heavier indie rock side to the band. The song continues to take you on a wave of beautiful guitar tone, that mixed with the almost Jarvis Cocker-esque vocals give off a real 90’s vibe despite still sounding really fresh.

One thing I really like about this track is how the bass kind of sits in the background, low down in the mix, yet is so skillful and really brings so much to this song. It picks the song up and keeps it bopping along, really smooth yet so lively.

Next up on Love and Suicide is Horizontal Mind. I spoke about the bass in the previous track, and straight away it sounds like they’ve brought that to the forefront. Through the introduction and verses, the other instruments seem to really sit back to let the slightly distorted bass drive the entire song.

Whereas The Innocent feels more like a fresh take on 90’s brit pop, Horizontal Mind definitely jumps to a more indie rock sound, with the huge sounding chorus really showing  the grit of this band. A real standout point to me in this song is the middle eight where everything cuts out to leave just the distorted guitar. It really builds anticipation and excitement which is satisfied by the chorus kicking back in to end the song on a really strong point.

Next up is the title track for the EP. Love and Suicide still touches on the more indie rock side to this band’s sound. More distorted guitar really gives the song a nice edge, cutting it apart from the indie pop sound of the first track. The song has a nice pace to it, really easy to nod along to, which I really like how it makes you nod along through the verses before the pre-chorus almost catches you off guard. Suddenly you’re not nodding along, but you’re left waiting in anticipation for the chorus to hit – just as The Trusted did in the previous song.

The final track of Love and Suicide is another previously released single Wild Love. This is a great track to close the EP as it seems to have taken on aspects of all the previous songs and the band’s various influences, which is bringing a great indie pop song with much stronger indie rock sounds. Something that seems to be a regular aspect of The Trusted is the energy which is really given life by the bass, the funky bouncy sound matches perfectly with the slightly surf rock guitars and brit pop vocals.

Love and Suicide is a great EP from a real up and coming indie band in The Trusted. With such a professional sound, it’s crazy to think that these guys are still very young. They’ve literally got the world at their feet, there’s no doubt they are going to be massive.

– Chris Brain

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