Human Nebula – “Andromeda”

Human Nebula
New Single – Andromeda

Today is a great day! I get to do a review of a song made by a band from my neck of the woods, here in South Africa. Not only that, but one of my favourite bands from the lot of them. Yes, I am bias, and I will try to remain impartial, but I make no promises.

Human Nebula have launched themselves into the spotlight with the quality and class of their previous releases, and even-though Andromeda meets that high bar, it is a completely different beast in it itself.

As the title suggests, the song is about the story of Andromeda from Greek mythology, but is used as a metaphor to express feelings of love, guilt, pain, anger and longing for a lost loved one. The song sonically carries this flurry of emotion with ease, and doesn’t hold back anything in the process.

It is clear we are in for an interesting ride from the get-go as compressed thumping drums and a distant guitar lick flexes in a little intro, and breaks into the first verse to get the adrenaline pumping.

Followed by a verse comprised of a heavy chug riff that hits us right in the gut with a majestic and soothing melody, accompanied by cascading gutturals and screams. This formula gets used again throughout the song, with variations and nuance keeping it fresh and wonderfully entertaining.

The song takes a turn to a lighter note with a captivating hook that offers a sense of weightlessness representing release and salvation. A complete contrasting emotion compared to the rage from the surrounding verses. Andromeda switches between these two tones a few times, eventually mixing them together, rounding out the yin and yang feel of the song.

Lwandile Prusent from slam band Vulvodynia makes a guest feature on Andromeda, laying down an absolute treasure of a solo. Capturing the very essence of the rest of the song, and propelling it to soaring heights.

The outro brings back the rage with new intent. The pinnacle of the lyrical content, as the point where everything aligns and concerted action is taken to conquer and dominate whatever stands in the way.

Andromeda is a frantic yet serene song. A colourful piece of art that invokes many flavours of frisson.

I don’t have to imagine how well it will fit on to a playlist, as it already occupies a place on a few of my own. It is an epic and exceptional song by any measure. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

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