Royal Bloom – “Suffer Tomorrow” (new single)

Royal Bloom
New Single: Suffer Tomorrow
Release: 11.09.20

Suffer Tomorrow is the latest release by Scottish grunge band Royal Bloom which is taken from their upcoming studio album.

Suffer Tomorrow is a real grunge throwback, you can see these guys are heavily influenced by some of the best known grunge bands of the early 90s. The song starts off with clean guitar picking which is almost reminiscent of Pearl Jam, but with more of an eerie twist, it really sets the tone. You can almost imagine standing in a small underground venue surrounded by people, all completely invested in the band in front of you.

In their press release for Suffer Tomorrow, the track is described as “If Alice in Chains got into a bar-fight with Nirvana”, and there’s no arguing with that. One of the biggest takeaways from this song is how the vocal style of Lewis Wise is so similar to that of Kurt Cobain. That vocal style really gives you the feel of Nirvana. But as you break it down and try to look past the vocals, you can see more of the influences such as the aforementioned Alice in Chains.

If you like real dirty grunge, then Royal Bloom are definitely one to keep an eye on. They seem to have really taken on everything about the grunge genre, without seeming outdated or a parody. Suffer Tomorrow is a great track, with 3 fantastic musicians, each of them having their moment to shine. The bass in particular is something I really liked in this song, which is again a real Krist Novoselic (Nirvana) feel, not too fancy or over complicated, the perfect amount to really pick the song up and set it apart from the pack.

– Chris Brain

  • Listen to Royal Bloom via distrokid, click here

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