Notora release “Brother” (new single)

New Single: Brother
Release: 14.08.20

The Art Rock trio based in North Wales, Notora, have just released their second single Brother, which is the follow up to their debut single Stay. Having been listening to their music through their previous project CRY and the last single, I’m not wrong in saying that they are very talented.

A short guitar solo opens up Brother before other instruments join in. The intro is curiously appealing. Once the vocal starts, the melody is gripping, and the nicely paced rhythm leads you to tapping your feet without thinking. The sound is a lot heavier and stronger than I was expecting and in the later part of each verse, you hear the captivating chorus. However this song is not a happy one, and the sound is quite dark and intense, although the chorus lifts the mood effectively.

I don’t know if they are changing the musical direction a little or if they enjoy experimenting with something new. Brother is the most powerful song the trio have crafted and performed so far and I feel that they have challenged their abilities more than ever. But Notora maintain their distinctive uniqueness, and I cannot wait for what comes next.

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