Notora – “Silverscreen” (new single)

Single: Silverscreen
Release: 11.12.20

Silverscreen is the third single by Notora based in North Wales. The band has always been crafting a unique sound which leans strongly towards the genre of Art Rock.

Their new single Silverscreen begins with anthemic drums which almost gives you the feel of Queen’s We Will Rock You. This beat then leads into the surprisingly heavy sound of the guitar and the bass. When I reviewed their previous single Brother, I said, the sound is a lot heavier. But this time, you hear something like you have never heard from the trio before. If you have been listening to the music by Notora, you may think with some level of excitement, something like “wow, how does the song go?”

After a modest period of the heavy intro, the vocal joins in mysteriously but authoritatively. The vocalist (and the guitarist) Dylan uses his tone of voice to make a good contrast between the persuasive higher tone parts and the slightly gloomy ones.

The guitar solo during the second half of the song is somehow comforting yet melancholic at the same time. It is appealing and a fabulous element to have within this song.

Notora stretch and challenge themselves and in doing so, they create a highly original brand of music. They give each song something different to what they did before, and this time the band present themselves powerfully with Silverscreen. Obviously the trio is very talented musicians. On top of that, what great about them is that their music is absolutely distinctive.

– Teri Morris

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