Notora release “Stay” (debut single)

Notora stay cover art
Debut Single: Stay
Release: 17th April 2020



Notora are an alternative rock band from the north of Wales, and debuted with the single “Stay” last week which is supported by the music video. Having said that, I have been listening to their music before the band re-branded recently as they released two EPs and singles under the band name of Cry.

“Stay” is atmospheric which gives you a slight post rock feel. The trio demonstrate the tight and unique sound, and make the song epic. I personally love their heavier side of the sound which they perform plentifully within this song. Notora are one of only a few bands today who create such original music. I am really excited about this song and the prospect of there being more on the horizon. Hopefully, the band will be playing live everywhere once life gets back to normal. It will be absolutely great to listen to “Stay” live!

Recorded at Parr Street Studios
Video by Clearway Media



Connect with Notora





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