Made Of Eyes release “Honesty” (new single)


Made Of Eyes honesty cover art
Made Of Eyes
New Single: Honesty
Release: 24th April 2019



Hailing from Glasgow, Made Of Eyes are a young three piece alternative pop band. Since they debuted with a single “Room To Breathe” in April last year, the trio have released two more singles. They were all well received by countless radio stations including the BBC and the music press.

“Honestly” is Made Of Eyes long awaited first release in 2020, and their listeners won’t be disappointed. The song starts in quite a laid back style with a slow electro/synth sound. Soon the piano joins in and this layers the sound beautifully. The lyrics are about one of the current topical issues that they are trying to highlight. The message is persuasive as the vocal express the emotions in a calm yet compelling way, which many listeners will relate to. I must say that the drums give the impression of heart beats as your feelings become more intense, and this device is very effective. The band have crafted a superb sentimental song, which goes to prove the depth of their talent.



Connect with Made Of Eyes
Official Website






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