Seven Stories High release “Heart” (new single)

Seven Stories High cover apr20

Seven Stories High
New Single:Heart 
Release: 20th April 2020


It has been a while since we heard any new music from the Welsh pop-punk quintet, Seven Stories High. If you are familiar with the upbeat, bouncing sound from their previous releases, then I bet you are thinking you know what to expect. Well I think you’d better get yourself a cup of tea and sit down. Yes, 2016’s ‘Take The Long Road Home’ was about solid as a debut album as any band could want to put out. Yes, 2017’s ‘Deadweight’ EP took them to entirely new heights. They built a following from it, they received 4K’s for it from Kerrang! Magazine, and they played shows all around the UK off the back of it. At this point, a lot of bands might have settled into their sound and got comfortable. It is especially evident from their new single, “Heart”, that they are after more than that. Much more. As soon as the track kicks in, you know that this is Seven Stories High, but with every aspect amplified. The pleasing riffs and the thunderous, punchy drums of their previous material are all still there, but at the same time it leans towards heavier territory we’ve not seen them visit before. The honesty and emotion portrayed in the vocals are present and in your face from the first verse and throughout. The chorus are huge, anthemic and have a hell of a message to deliver. Lyrically, they are coming from a place deep within their core and they’re not letting you go until you understand what they’re saying. Seven Stories High have kept their pop-punk roots firmly in the ground, but now they are blooming into something fresh and new that I can only imagine is going to push them to seriously new heights. This isn’t a new chapter for them, this is the sequel. ‘Heart’ debuts on 20/4/20 on YouTube and all major streaming services. You would only be letting yourself down if you didn’t check it out and follow Seven Stories High wherever they may go next.

– Daryl Ramsey

For Fans of: Four Year Strong, Deaf Havana, Knuckle Puck

Written and Performed by: Seven Stories High
Produced by Jonny Renshaw, Bandit Studios

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