Four Thousand Miles release “Reflections” (new single)

Four Thousand Miles - Reflections cover
Four Thousand Miles 
Single: Reflections 
Release: 21st April 2020

Newly formed Four Thousand Miles are an international rock band with members from England, Wales, France, and the United States. So you know now why the band is called Four Thousand Miles.

“Reflection” is their new and second single which will be released on 21st of April and is supported by the music video.  What we call electro opens up the song, and the sound effects attract you. Suddenly the mood changes when the heavy sound takes over. At this time you already know it’s gonna be epic. Alex’s signature falsetto adds a poignant feel which although energetic is slightly more gentle than his usual vocal levels. It is a powerful song emotionally. The video maximizes the song to express the dark and disconsolate inner thoughts. This modern alternative rock song is definitely one to check out, and Four Thousand Miles are the band for you to keep eyes on.

You can now pre-save/pre-order the new song “Reflections”Click here

You can also read our previous review to get to know the band more and check out their first single: ‘Lonely’ debut single (Premiere)

Four Thousand Miles debut single “Lonely”


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