Four Thousand Miles – “Demon On The Run” (new single)

Four Thousand Miles
Single: Demon On The Run
Release: 31.10.20

Demon On The Run is the new and third single from Four Thousand Miles, an alternative rock band who debuted earlier this year.

The song starts with some gentle and slightly sorrowful synth sounds, which immediately capture the listener’s interest. Soon after the vocal joins in with all of the instruments, and the guitar sounds like the mind of someone unsettled. What’s great about the first half of the song is that you hear every instrument so clearly and the vocals are delivered clearly and distinctly.

Your foot starts tapping as the song gets gradually heavier, and about half way through, the sound becomes almost like a post-hardcore vibe, which expresses the extreme emotions of the song. I love this heavy section and it doesn’t – in any way – take away the atmospheric element. All of the different moods within the song are connected superbly, and hearing a small part of Alex’s signature falsetto is always nice.

The vocal describes the story of the mental struggle with the words, and at the same time the state of mind is brought out through the guitar sound. I think many listeners relate to this song. Even if you don’t relate to metal health issues, Demon On The Run is a beautiful song to listen to. Four Thousand Miles are obviously very talented musicians who create unique music.

– Teri Morris

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