Heavyman – Loose Lips (new single)

New Single: Loose Lips

London based hard rock four-piece Heavyman have just released their third single Loose Lips. This track is the third of six songs they plan to release over the coming months. As with the previous two releases, it’s another hard rock punchy track.

Loose Lips starts off with a nice funky guitar riff which just gets you in a real good mood straight away. Something that’s clear straight away is how talented this group of musicians are, starting with the guitar funky riff, we’re then shown that the bass is just as talented, really giving the whole verse riffs and nice all round sound.

I get a real Them Crooked Vultures vibe from all angles of this song. Obviously Them Crooked Vultures are a supergroup, but the talent on hand at Heavyman could easily stand toe to toe in my opinion. They have great powerful vocals with a band behind them that know exactly how to write great songs and more importantly, how to play them.

If you’ve not listened to Heavyman before, Loose Lips is definitely worth a listen but also go back and check out the other two songs released over the past few months as they’re all great tracks that are guaranteed to blow you away. I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

  –  Chris Brain

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