Heavyman release “Baby Jean” (debut single)


Heavyman _ Baby Jean cover art
Single: Baby Jean


Baby Jean is a debut single from London based hard rock four-piece Heavyman. It’s the first of six songs the band plans to release over the coming months.

Straight away you get a big hard rock blues vibe from this track, like a fresh take on classic rock. The track starts with a big riff that slowly fades in, the excitement you get from that build is then cut back to just guitar and drums before the vocals join in. The opening verse gives a real classic American rock vibe, it’s almost like you’re stood in a field watching Heavyman, in awe at the incredible musicians in front of you doing what they do best.

Sharing influences of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley, you can tell the classic rock vibe isn’t far off. The lead vocals provided by Charlie Yang remind me a little bit of Steve Perry (Journey) with the track itself having the hard bluesy rock sound found in many of Journeys less famous tracks (i.e. tracks outside of Don’t Stop Believing). Just for your information,  Journey’s worldwide sales have reached nearly 100 million records globally. Perry is renowned for his countertenor vocal range, which spans from F#2 to A5 and described as a high ‘tenor altino’ with a tone somewhere between Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin.

The song Baby Jean continues on the blues rock, keeping that riff as a major driving force throughout. After the first chorus, the song changes to just bass and drums rather than guitar and drums, and it gives the bassist time to show his skills playing that same riff. It really shows the talent these musicians have, in a genre that usually is very guitar focused, Heavyman aren’t afraid to let the other areas of the band shine.

As Baby Jean builds to it’s climax, you can feel the raw emotion being fed to you through the sound of that guitar, with the harmonic guitar solo playing over the top of the riff. It’s impossible to ignore the talent Heavyman possess and the way they’re able to tell their story of Baby Jean not only through the driving vocals but through every instrument in this track.

  –  Chris Brain



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