Dead Reynolds release “Frontier” (new EP)



Dead Reynolds
EP: Frontier



Frontier is the new EP from East Anglian emerging alt-rockers Dead Reynolds. That name Dead Reynolds is a name I keep seeing pop up, they’re already receiving plays on Kerrang! Radio amongst other stations and it’s no surprise!

Track one of Frontier is the recently released single By Your Side, and what a way to kick things off! Straight from the off you’re hit with a fast gritty pop punk riff, although it settles back down you keep getting teases throughout the first verse before the explosion of the chorus. Just writing this I’m jumping about in my chair, that’s how infectious this sound is, I can imagine thousands of happy faces jumping around having the time of their lives experiencing this up and coming band.

P.S (I Loathe You) keeps the pop punk vibe going but adds some heavy twists along the way, namely the Alterbridge-esk bridge. Only two tracks in, and you can see Dead Reynolds have a big sound, P.S (I Loathe You) has a good energy, grit and some great vocal harmonies.

The pace changes slightly with Bright Lights showing Dead Reynolds versatility, not only can they make fast paced pop punk, but they can make anthems. With the third track of Frontier, this band definitely shows their Alt Rock side. Starting with pulled back instruments, it builds to a heavy -dare I say- Alt-Metal culmination, throwing in the harmony filled anthemic chorus to really blow you away.

The final track of Frontier is another released single Lines. Back to the fast paced Pop Punk we had previously, it’s just another great energy, happy, pop punk hit! It reminds me a little bit of the most recent Flatliners album (Inviting Light [2017]), maybe it’s the voice or the feel good punk vibe, either way I love it! I even feel the urge to compare it to I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance in that they both have an explosiveness, an overwhelming excitement, like you’ve just finished work before festival season and all you want to do is to run home and jump about in your living room or your kitchen, even your bathroom.

Frontier is a great EP, it has energy, good vibes and shows that Dead Reynolds aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of Pop Punk be it a metal-worthy riff or anthemic chorus, in only a 4-track EP, which we get to see everything they can do. Dead Reynolds are definitely high up my list for bands I want to see live post-lockdown…. That’s if I can drag myself away from their new EP.

  –  Chris Brain


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