Death Remains release “Self Reflection” (new single)


Death Remains _ Self Reflection cover
Death Remains
Single: Self Reflection


Death Remains have built a solid career over the years as purveyors of riffs and infectious melodies. Their latest single Self Reflection is a testament of this band going from continuing strength to strength.

The initial riff of this song starts as you would of any metalcore band before it veers into frantic tapping and adds an unexpected edge underneath Barry O’connor’s vocals that he spits out with fury comparable to Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage.

The clean vocals help to carry the more melodic sections of the song into room filling singalong sections, which shows the dual ability of (vocalist) as a vocal force to be reckoned with.

The guitar work on this song helps Death Remains stand out from their peers as the melodies and riffs constantly dance all over the fretboard in a way that keeps everything fresh and interesting when others would choose to stick to a more basic rhythm. As the song reaches its peak, Death Remains show themselves as masters of bounce and groove daring you not to headbang. Self Reflection gets an 8/10 for the deep thought provoking lyrics that stay in your head long after listening and the riffs that will keep you awake at night. Good job lads.

  –  Stephen Bond (Wolves Don’t Sleep)

The band tells about the song, Self Reflection is a story of discovery. Look at yourself and what do you see? All of your flaws, all of your demons, do they control you? Or do you control them? Join us on our journey of defeating the negativity within us all.” And Death Remains bring you the most influential breakdowns in their generation with Self Reflection.



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