Glass Violet – “Clockwork” (new single)

Glass Violet clockwork cover

Glass Violet
Single: Clockwork 


Clockwork is the new single by Bristol Indie Rockers Glass Violet. It’s amazing to think this group of musicians only began as Glass Violet in the summer of 2018 with drums, bass and keys joining several months later. Their sound is tight and the latest single Clockwork wouldn’t feel out of place on any of the big radio stations.

The song starts with simple yet powerful keys on top of punchy drums which really give the energy to this song. After the initial build, everything’s brought down for the verses, allowing the vocals to wrap around you. The band say Clockwork is “a song about time & space”, even before reading the press release, ‘space’ is probably a word I would have used to describe this song. The atmospheric vocals on top of the brilliantly layered instruments almost make you feel like you’re floating in space, watching the world flash before your eyes.

Glass Violet only played their first gig in March 2019. Although the world may have taken over in 2020, I’m sure these guys have a bright future ahead of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the band on a UK tour in 2021 with some big support gigs along the way.

  –  Chris Brain




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