Luke Rainsford – “World In Colour” (new EP)


Luke Rainsford ep cover
Luke Rainsford
EP: World In Colour
Release: 26th June 2020


Hailing from Birmingham, an acoustic Emo artist Luke Rainsford has just released his new EP World In Colour. Continuous tours and festivals kept him occupied for a while, and it is his first EP release in two years since “I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved”.

Luke opens the World In Colour EP with Tip Toe, which is the song he originally released as a single in May. The guitar throughout the intro gives you a tropical feel.  This uptempo song is crafted with beautiful harmonies and energetic short mass vocals. The is a very refreshing and uplifting song and a great choice for an instructional song.

The second song is Lack, which is an excellent pop song and shows more of Luke’s Emo side. It starts slowly, though it gradually picks up the speed and makes a great foot-tapping tune.

In Spite Of All My Worry is the next track. This sentimental acoustic song is performed simply, yet in a captivating way. This song is where you hear the fabulous tone of Luke’s voice.

The fourth and the final track is Frame, which is a beautiful melancholic song. Luke starts singing gently and gradually builds up the feeling. The violin can be heard in the background which is a little discreet, but it is very effective. The song becomes more and more emotional as it moves towards the end. The way this song is crafted gives you total satisfaction. This is the most heartfelt song of the EP.

Luke tells us about his music “dealing with a range of serious topics regarding mental health.” His own experiences have led him to creating music which I imagine his audience finds therapeutic. I think this is why he has such a good fan-base that is so loyal to him. Listening to World In Colour with my eyes closed, I can see him performing in front of thousands people at Glastonbury. World In Colour is thoroughly enjoyable EP.

Currently a tour is planned in August and September this year. Luke will be touring the UK supporting Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties:
Aug 29th 2020 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
Aug 30th 2020 – Exchange, Bristol
Aug 31st 2020 – Saint Luke‘s, Glasgow
Sept 1st 2020 – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham
Sept 2nd 2020 – Gorilla, Manchester
Sept 4th 2020 – O2 Islington, London


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