Lapyear – “Smile” (new EP)


Lapyear - Smile (Cover)

EP: Smile


London based quartet Lapyear have released their debut EP Smile via Venn Records recently. Lapyear are a band with many influences and that’s clear from this EP.

‘See Inside’ is the first track of Smile. This song starts with a simple guitar and drum combination, the two very insync, which feels like a great way to start you off before you’re uplifted by the lead guitar as the main riff kicks in. The atmospheric vocals throughout the song on top of the indie rock sounds almost take you out of the moment, like you have everything invested into what you’re listening to with no room for anything else.

Next on the EP is one of the previously released singles ‘Under My Tongue’. It takes on a slightly different feel to track one. While being a bit slower, it also feels slightly more grungy with the distorted guitar driving the song throughout. It’s easy to see that this song was one of the released tracks with the catchy chorus line driving home the ‘out of body’ experience seems you get with Lapyear.

‘Only One’ is the middle track on Smile, much more uplifting than the previous tracks, it’s back to more of an indie rock sound almost like a 90’s rock vibe, definitely one to go on your summer playlist, a really nice song to relax in the sun to.

‘Negative – I Wish I Was’ continues with the uplifting sound of the previous song. It was another one of the released singles which I think that was a good choice,. It shows the diversity of the band from just two singles released. Where ‘Under My Tongue’ shows a grunge side to the band, this track shows their indie side, with the nice clean guitar sound and soft vocals that take you away.

Lapyear close on ‘Puzzles’, which takes you back slightly to the start of the EP, with a softer track that starts with simply the guitar, bass and more of those atmospheric vocals. It’s a really nice way to end the EP, whereas the start of Smile feels a little darker in tone, Puzzles feels like you’ve found happiness through whatever you’ve been through.

Smile is a good debut EP from Lapyear, through these five tracks the band are able to showcase their range of influences whilst keeping their sound very original. All of the songs are driven by the atmospheric Morrisey-esque vocals, which will attract plenty of listeners.

  –  Chris Brain


For fans of: Turnover, Jimmy Eat World, Oasis, Slow Crush, Oso Oso, Macseal and Ride



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