From Once We Came – “Origami” (debut album)


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From Once We Came
Album: Origami


From Once We Came are an up and coming, hard-hitting metal band based in London. Since the band was formed in 2015, they have been seen in the UK metal underground scene and their every live performance has been making an impact. Origami is their debut album which is explosive and provides a fresh modern metal sound which is filled with emotions.

The band tell us, “this album ‘Origami’ is a story of progress through life, dealing with everyday struggles, hardships and pain with an empowering message to never give up hope no matter how challenging life can be.” 


Origami is a 9-track album. I start with the opening track Cowardice  – Straight away you have a build-up that would not sound a miss in Sempiternal, which is obviously a great thing. The song hits you straight in the face with a big mix. The standout part in all of this is the aggression in the vocalist’s tone. There is real conviction within his screams. The song seems a tad separated by parts not feeding cohesively. That is not to say it does not flow, there are just a lot of guitar effects separating sections. The production on this is incredibly tight.
Although we have a chorus that is internally screams it is very catchy and memorable, which would work very well in a live setting. The melodic guitar with the strings in the background of the chorus really gives this song a big vibe. (6.5/10.)

It is worth mentioning Shaun Hodson (Loki Films) showing why he is the best in the business. Absolute wizard behind the camera!

Progression – This song is very riff heavy! The guitarists fingers are certainly putting in the work. Super choppy breakdowns making this song interesting to listen to. Separating everything nicely. If there is one thing this band do exceptionally well, it is making a huge chorus. Big Parkway vibes on this one. The post-production on this whole album is top notch, it helps make this band stand out. Especially in this song, the orchestral arrangement really makes this chorus pop. Gang vocals are always a vibe, but these guys go and make it dead catchy whilst also keeping a huge sound taking over the whole speaker. (6/10.)

No Call Back  – The engineer really earned his money on this album putting in the extra work on the intro’s! The song showing why their drummer is killing it right now. High energy riffs with powerful vocals, straight away this is their best song on the album. A colourful sound, which is showing their best aspects nicely tied up into 4 minutes. The verses are fast and punchy, with the snare placement really keeping things interesting. The string arrangements in this again are adding another dimension to the sound making you realise that these guys have a lot to offer. The ending breakdown of this song is brutal. Everything served the song here. Everything was for a purpose and it shows. What a bop. (8/10.)

Origami Figurines  – I hope the engineer got a big tip for these intros! This song starts off with a beautiful change of pace. Keeping things slow and melodic, this is instantly a standout track, just because of the clean vocals. Clean vocals do not change their main vocalist, whilst only screaming can really build an impressive pre-chorus. There is a lovely change of pace when the clean vocals come in during the chorus. Keeping things melodic on the second verse, they are bringing the post hardcore vibes. As this album goes in, it gets better and better. This song fits incredibly well with this album. It is heavy, memorable and it sounds huge. The addition of clean vocals is welcomed with open arms. (7/10.)

Behind Closed Curtains  – Big After the burial vibes with this heavy hitter. Getting back to what we are used to so far with heavy breakdowns to start. There is an obvious story being told here vocally. I do really enjoy when these guys pick up the tempo. They know how to do it exceptionally well. If you want to listen to the song that flows best on this album, you have your winner right here. The chorus is not as memorable as the other songs on this album, but that is not a bad thing. This song is showing what this band are capable of when it comes to bringing the breakdowns! Heavy is what these guys smash and it shows here. There is not a single drop in this song that disappoints in the slightest. (7.5/10.)

Fight Or Flight  – This is so far the most memorable guitar work on the album, with catchy riffs helping this song keeping this song moving. They went for a big open sound on this one and it 100% works. This album has not grown boring due to the amount of variation. These guys have no intention of doing anything except serving the song. The post-production before the chorus is perfection. There would be 0 I would change about the chorus production. The talent here is obvious, with the guitarists showing they have far more than chugs in their arsenal. The lead guitar on this song is very flashy without being over baring, which is a commendable feet for any guitarist. (7/10.)

Lost In Thought  – The song starts with an absolute vibe. Again, an amazing change of pace. Making sure fast and heavy dose not grow old, with big melodic riffs and plenty of spacing on the part of the vocalist. This chorus sounds like something straight out of a Wage War album in that its syncopation and rhythmic elements sound like that of a professionally touring band. This song has everything you need to help it stray from ever becoming boring. These guys know how to make a scream chorus sound huge. The choppy post-chorus is a welcomed punch in the face after all the melodic sections. The bridge is bringing clean vocals again. I personally love cleans, but these guys do not overuse them. They are undoubtedly a heavy band that know when and where to incorporate melodic passages. (8/10.)

Band Of Brothers  – Heavy 808’s to kick us off here. The opening is full of groove, making call backs to After The Burial. The chorus is that classic chord misdirection, really helping the vocals come into their own.  A heart wrenching vocal passage is in the chorus, which relates to the later breakdown call out. The breakdown hits like a freight train. Disgustingly heavy, fast passed chugs that absolute slam. (6.5/10.)

From Once We Came – Straight away we are dealing with the same filthy riffs. Heavy hitting. Simple. It works so effortlessly. The post-chorus section is a melodic masterpiece that fits brilliantly after the slow chanty chorus. The intro makes a comeback which is a nice call back, making the song flow cohesively. The best part of this song is the fast-passed post-chorus into the disgusting breakdown build up. Lo-fi guitars between chugs are a tried and tested method of creating forward momentum, that fit in perfectly with unison stabs. This is an amazing album closer, really showing everything these guys are great at. That only thing I am missing are some cleans to compliment the fast-passed energy these guys bring. (7.5/10.)

OVERALL  – This album is an amazing combination of heavy mixed with catchy. Not catchy in a pop scene, but in the way the chants are meaningful and memorable. The riffs are complex, but do not stray from serving the song and there is not a point where the drummer over does anything. The production is insane, however at some points a tad samey at points. This album is well written, using different song writing techniques to make nothing ever gets stale. If you like breakdowns that hit harder than 9/10 bands, you should check these guys out. (7/10.)

  – Jack Wood (End Of Daze)

For Fans Of: After The Burial, The Royal & Bury Tomorrow


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