Seek Harbour – Interview

Seek Harbour
Single: Sleepless Water
(feat. Tom Byrne)
Seek Harbour
Single: Ghost & Shadow

Hailing from Kent, the four-piece rock unit Seek Harbour debuted with the single Ghost & Shadow late 2019. The band may not remember this, but they contacted me with this song just after its release. Listening to this emotional song for the first time made me very excited. The band had commented about Ghost & Shadow: The song essentially highlights the importance of being strong for your family, however unique the circumstances might be.

Three months after releasing the first single, Seek Harbour released their superb cover of Sorry (I Didn’t Know) by Monsta Boy. And, finally, the band presented their second original song Sleepless Water featuring Tom Byrne (the Australian vocalist of Valiant Hearts and Galleons). This song is very polished and accommodates Tom’s voice perfectly. This combination of the clean vocal and unclean vocal is just right for you to settle in to the song. I get the feeling that the guitar has an aquatic sound which is beautiful to hear. The meaning of the song is talked in the interview below.

Sleepless Water could be described as Post-Hardcore or maybe even Alternative Rock. Drawing upon a range of elements, they have created a chic and quality melodic rock song, and therefore I wouldn’t like to assign it to a particular genre. I cannot wait for them to share more of their original music with us.

Recently I was given the opportunity to interview the band. Here is what Loz the vocalist talked to us.

Hello, Seek Harbour! Thanks for talking to us today! Who are we having here today?

Hi, all its Loz, the vocalist.

Thanks Loz. First of all, how have you been doing during this strange and difficult time?

We all have been keeping safe and well, thank you, adapting to and following new life rules
and procedures. As a band, we have used this time in home studios to write and demo new
material, as well as focus on the future of SH as now we have signed to Saviour Management

Good to hear that you’ve been active. Well, how do you normally go about writing your songs?

We all believe the instrumentals can be as emotive as the lyrical content, so Cee Jay
(Guitars & Programming) will begin with creating the composition and try and reflect the
feeling. Once this is structured Cee & Si (Drums) will start creating the sounds and
programming the details of the song. Meanwhile Edwin & I will bounce lyrical concepts off
each other which tend to relate to things personal to us taken from topics and struggles we
live through, yet we try and portray this in a way that is relevant to most people and easy to
relate to, we then all come together to fine tune and complete the pre-programming.

Awesome. You released the second single “Sleepless Water” recently. How would you describe this song in your own words?

Sleepless Water” depicts something that most people will, unfortunately, suffer with, to
varying degrees, in their lives… addiction. In this instance, the potentially damaging effects of alcohol abuse. Knowing something or someone is bad for you, but feeling as though it’s too big of a mountain to climb. You put it off for another day, only to repeat that process indefinitely… until it’s arguably too late. The band are big on imagery, and as were lucky enough to live by the sea here in the UK, other than myself Loz who is a city slicker… it’d be fair to say our surroundings play a big part in the metaphors used in this track.

I think I understand now how you did fantastic job with the song. By the way, how did this collabo with Tom Byrne happen?

After scrolling through social media, we came across Tom’s band ‘Valiant Hearts’ we all loved the band and Tom’s voice jumped straight out to us perfectly for ‘Sleepless Water’. We
messaged Tom and awaited a reply with our fingers crossed, thankfully Tom agreed.

Awesome! He is a fabulous vocalist, isn’t he. What are your influences with regards to your own music?

We don’t have a list of
bands we can say we are influenced by, we are influenced by our
genre and the development of the music scene. We always aim to write tracks that allow
people to be able to relate with and feel close to as well as use production to develop our
sound and creativity.

Does everyone in your band listen to similar music or musicians?

(Laughs) No far from, although we all love the genre SH is categorised in and playing in SH,
we also all love showing each other new music and bands, the range in our personal
playlists and up bringing is vast from Metal to Indie, Hard-core to Hip Hop and new things we discover.

That sounds fun. (Laughs) Who or which bands do you dream to share a stage with?

With gigging, sadly being a very much missed thing at the moment. We have seen some
bands split and hope to see many new band be created. Bands we could love to gig with
would be bands like Nevertel, Boys of Fall, The city is ours, Being as an ocean, Acres. Is
this to many? (Laughs)

Yes, really missing the live scene. And yes, one of the bands you mentioned, Acres were the last band I saw in fact. They were phenomenal! What will be coming from Seek Harbour next?

So we are currently writing and working on new material with plans for getting back
in the studio to record. However, at this time, I cannot confirm dates or any more
specific details, but keep an eye on our social media for upcoming announcements!
We do have lots planned.

Great! Is there anything else you would like to say?

We really encourage everyone out there to remain creative, no matter what your art is keep
it going the music industry is not finished and we all hope to be back to shows and moshing
soon. Remain positive and use music to express yourself. Big love to everyone stay safe
and help each other.

Thank you for your time! Good luck!

Thank you for having me and thanks you for helping get new music and bands out to the
people music does matter.

– Teri Morris

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