Heavyman – “Beautiful Place” (EP)

EP: Beautiful Place
Release: 15.05.2021

Heavyman burst onto the scene in 2020 with the heavy blues rock anthems Baby Jean, Pigs and Loose Lips, all of which are included in their new EP Beautiful Place. Those three tracks released through 2020 showed the incredible versatility and ability of this London based four piece.

Beautiful Place opens with Heavyman‘s debut single Baby Jean, a huge blues rock meets classic rock track, it was a great first impression of the band and it feels only right it opens up their debut EP.

Something You Own is the next track on Beautiful Place and it’s our first glimpse into some of the previously unreleased tracks. Heavyman seem to have this incredible ability of creating riffs that just grab you and keep you in. The way the main riff is used through the verses is something I really enjoy, although through the first half the guitar is pulled right back, the drums and vocals just keep that riff flowing, before the harmonised guitars seamlessly come back for the second half of the verse.

The track feel a lot deeper than the previous track; Whereas Baby Jean feels more like a love interest, or more an interest of lust, Something You Own just really feels like every single note comes straight from the soul. It almost feels like telling the story of something that once was but is no more, whether that’s a relationship that’s ended or something else.

Beautiful Place continues by bringing the up the tempo with Out Of My Head. This track still sounds very Heavyman, yet straight away you get a different vibe, it almost takes the blues and classic rock and adds a touch of the alternative. I get a Queens of the Stone Age or Eagles of Death Metal feel from the riff which matched with the incredible vocals of Charlie Yang and the Queen/Darkness-esqe harmonies really make this track stand out.

The EP continues with singles Loose Lips and Pigs, both tracks seem to play off the more alternative side. Where the band appear to be a blues meets classic rock band from the start, they show a real grit through the middle of Beautiful Place while keeping to their classic roots.

The final track on Beautiful Place is the title track. It seems throughout this EP Heavyman have really taken the listener on a journey through what they can do, through their classic blues tracks, through the little hints of alternative to a full heavy metal track. It’s incredible to hear these absolutely fantastic musicians showing such versatility, a special mention has to go to Charlie Yang, who obviously has a fantastic vocal range as is on display through this EP, but being able to adapt on this clearly heavier influenced track and sounding an absolutely perfect fit.

Although we don’t get so much of the Queen harmonies as previous track, we get a real Josh Homme vibe from the vocals which I absolutely love. Beautiful Place somehow manages to change from the heavy metal verses to the heavenly chorus, perhaps that is the feel Heavyman wanted to get across, with the last chorus continuing into the bridge, it almost feels like you’re being elevated to heaven, you’re looking to the white light, you’re getting to the pearly gates and all that’s in there is heavy metal as the riff explodes back in until the finish.

I reviewed Heavymans debut single Baby Jean and I thought it was a great bluesy classic rock track, I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to hearing more. What I didn’t expect was for their future songs to have a real grit to them. There’s no doubting every member of Heavyman is incredibly talented and versatile and it’s so great to see them displaying exactly that throughout this EP.

In most cases, bands will release their best tracks as singles but trying to pick the best tracks from this EP is an impossible task because every track on this EP is absolutely brilliant! It’s bluesy, it’s edgy, it’s incredible.

I can’t wait to hear more from Heavyman.

  –  Chris Brain

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