Four Thousand Miles release ‘Lonely’ debut single (Premiere)

Four Thousand Miles feb20

Four Thousand Miles
Single: Lonely
Release: 14th February 2020


Four Thousand Miles are a newly formed band with an unique story behind them. The band is internationally built around the front-man Alex Fearn with the members from England, France, the United States, and Wales.

“Lonely” is the band’s debut single which is released today. It is a well crafted pop rock/alternative rock song with a contrast of  melancholic and punchy melodies. It starts quite gently with the vocal which is totally to the fore. Then it gradually becomes upbeat with some appearing guitar sounds.  My favourite parts are when the vocal hits the high note and stretches almost as much as it can go, and the rich guitar sounds which you will hear during the later part of the song. If you have been listening to the music that Alex has created during the time he was the front man of Diamond Days, you will be happy to hear a couple of the short sections that shows his signature vibes. It is well timed to release this today on Valentine’s day.




Official video out on 17th February 2020


What started as a collaboration over the internet quickly became a project that grew into much more, and they found that the band’s own unique styles blended perfectly together to make music that they’re proud of. After a few months, they decided to meet up in Liverpool, England to meet in person, rehearse, and shoot the first music video. The members all got along well, and filmed a video that really captures their style. After recording more songs, the band are now working on their sixth song together.

After releasing the first single “Lonely”, Four Thousand Miles‘ are going to release a new single each month. Make sure to follow them on socials and keep up with what they’re doing!
For fans of: Bring Me The Horizon and Don Broco



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