Creeping Jean release “Stuck In My Ear” (new single)


CREEPING JEAN - Stuck In My Ear cover
Creeping Jean
New Single: Stuck In My Ear
Release: 17th April 2020


Based in the south of England, Brighton, UK indie heavy weight Creeping Jean have just released their new single “Stuck In My Ear” today supported by their self-isolated music video. This song is incredibly catchy, yet delivering their anger through their unrest. The harmonies are perfect from the start to finish which is superbly appealing. “Stuck In My Ear” makes you feel that you can still be in a disco party in your room even at this difficult time.

Recorded by Daniel Crook
Video created by Will Hutchinson

The frontman Oliver says about the song; “It’s about receiving bad advice for years getting told by other people what they think they know best”. Upheavals meant the original plans for the video shoot fell apart, but the band used this to their advantage with Oliver going  on to say, “I think two months ago was the last time roughly, when we all last in the same wrong, but we’ve been Skyping twice a week for a chit chat and making plans of action. The last thing we had booked in as a band was the official video for this tune, we had to cancel this as our film editor and two of the band had symptoms, so we had to get another plan going for an isolation video to get this out asap”.  With necessity the mother of invention, it was down to the band to step forwards and shoot a video themselves, of the technical issues they had putting it together Oliver says, “So we had the outcome of finding a plain background with enough space to film ourselves in our small flats to get the footage as you can imagine. We weren’t exactly one take wonders with this.” All the band feature in the video some filmed in their living rooms others not so, “Josh did well with the drums, the shed is tiny! so I’m glad we got a bit of that in!” The band were really pleased with the outcome, “Will Hutchinson our main videographer has played a blinder here !”  When asked what Creeping Jean plan to do when all this blows over, Oliver says, “I think we’ll rent a small boat out down Hove Lagoon and take it to sea and listen to all the demos we’ve wrote of lockdown and make a plan with them gearing for the album end of this year, we will obviously be taking alcohol on this trip too, ‘A SPRITZ AT SEA’ is what we’ll call that chapter.”

For fans of: The Black Keys, Tame Impala, The Vryll Society, Friendly Fires


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