Palm Reader – “Sleepless” (new album)

Palm Reader
New Album: Sleepless
Release: 27th November 2020

Palm Reader sneaks into 2020 with a mesmerizing compilation of excellence. An experience like none other. With this release, the UK based group have established a firm foothold on their desired identity, with execution solid enough to propel them high onto some notable top bands/album listings for the year.

And after the year we have had, Sleepless is just what we needed. A far cry from the technical brutality we would have come to expect from these fellows. A much more restraint approach with those qualities shining through in moments of sheer expression, and neck-breaking chaos.

Hold/Release introduces us to the delicate tones we can expect throughout the album. Gritty vocals ease into smooth atmospheric chorus lines, gradually building to a frantic pace and beat, accompanied by exquisite drum-fill magic.

Expectations are then thrown for another loop, as Stay Down hits as hard as anything Palm Reader has done before. Pulsating rhythm-work surges through the track, and vacuums in the space around us. A stark reminder of what they are fully capable of.

By now, we know to expect the unexpected, and Ending Cycle proves this proclamation has some substance, as an absolutely epic rock groove kicks off one of the best melodic songs of the year, with the added bonus of being oh so fit for radio listening. Other songs on the record, A Bird and Its Feathers, for instance, share the same proclivity to embody such a sensational captivating atmosphere.

If old and new were to be put as the two extremes, then Willow would be put right in the middle, where tech-savagery and melo tones meet to culminate in a frantic beauty, like shaking underwater. The songs that follow lift us to the surface and float us through currents as melancholic serenity builds towards a heavy-mood outro. Speaking to the listener’s hearts, Sleepless is an expressive and emotive piece of art. Palm Reader has mastered their sound and has found the perfect blend of all the parts that make them who they are, and we love it!

–  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

Everything you need – you can find via Palm Reader‘s official website: Click Here
Sleepless is released on Church Road Records.


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    1. Thank you for checking out. What you told us here is what we are trying to do! Glad to hear that you are interested.
      They are well known by listeners who are into heavy sound especially who are interested in underground music scene. Their live performance is always well received. If you check their spotify, they have constant plays.

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