Harley & The Wolf – “Lost Hope And Mixed Blessings” (new single)

Harley & The Wolf
Single: Lost hope And Mixed Blessings
Release: 27.08.21

Harley & The Wolf has just released their latest single “Lost Hope And Mixed Blessings” which will be part of their upcoming EP “Youthful Souls” being published at the end of October. This alternative rock band hails from Northern Ireland, and it seems like they have no qualms about wanting to break into the overall British Alternative Scene. “Lost Hopes and Mixed Blessings” follows on previous singles “For what it’s worth” and the self titled “Harley and the Wolf”.

The first thing that has caught my attention about “Lost Hope and Mixed Blessings” is that it is 5 minutes long. Not many bands dare to produce longer tracks these days, keeping to more standard 3 or 3.5 minute long tunes. Being longer gives the band more time to showcase their skills – and this is very obvious from the beginning, from the first 35 seconds of the intro: From the introductory drums until the vocals come in half a minute into the song, you can have a very good taste of what this band is about.

Clean and powerful drumming, mixed with grungy guitars and a killer riff are reminiscent of modern classics of the alternative music scene. However it is the melodic backing vocals mixed with the raw sound of the singer’s voice that set them apart in my eyes.

And three minutes in, when many other songs are getting ready to finish with (or without) and bang, Harley & The Wolf gives us a small intermission, a melodic and emotional middle eight that leads into a simply beautiful instrumental section before hitting us again with the compelling chorus.

They are definitely a band to keep on your radar. I’m sure they’ll be going places.

( Maria La Chica )

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