Mellor – “Fragment of Imagination” (EP)

EP: Fragment of Imagination
Release: 27.08.21

Fragment of Imagination is the new EP from Reading indie band Mellor. Following the huge success of their previous EP Dive into the Strange in 2019, Mellor are showing their incredible indie credentials.

The first track on Fragment of Imagination feels a little bit like an introduction to what Mellor are all about, Cool, Calm and Deranged. Cool, Calm, Deranged starts off with an atmospheric guitar bringing intrigue and anticipation of the band and the EP as a whole. The song quickly picks up pace through the verses with the upbeat drums driving the song all while the bass and rhythm guitar are held back until the explosion of a chorus.

Cool, Calm, Deranged really fits the title, through the slightly creepy, deranged sounding verses, the calm stripped back pre-chorus to the downright cool summer indie vibe of the chorus.

Version Of A Life is the second track on Mellor’s new EP, another upbeat riff heavy indie track which oozes cool. You can definitely spot Arctic Monkeys influences through the vocals especially but also the way they work with the rest of the tracks.

Following a similar trend as the previous track, the verses are gritty and leaning on the darker side of indie before the more happy upbeat almost indie pop choruses. Mellor have managed to write a brilliant mid 2000’s indie banger with a modern flip on it and it wouldn’t feel out of place on any big radio station or festival stage.

Mellor recently released the next track as a single alongside a video and as can be expected after listening to the first couple of tracks, Vacant Stare is another gritty and pacey anthem. It has such a big sound, while the verses strip back a little bit, the booming bass and drums fill that space before another explosive chorus. As I listen to the chorus I can just imagine being in a sweaty venue with a packed out crowd bouncing along the entire time!

Fragment of Imagination is a must listen for fans of indie rock, it has all of the qualities that made bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Hives and Kaiser Chiefs, huge, catchy lyrics, great energy and great music. Every song on this EP oozes cool and grit and I can’t wait to catch Mellor live because if the energy I feel from listening to Fragment of Imagination is anything to go by, their live performances are going to be phenomenal.

  –  Chris Brain

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