New Single: I Don't Know Where You're Sleeping Tonight
Release: 16th August, 2019


London based quartet Mellor have been relentlessly presenting dazzling original music since 2016 after finding their idyllic line-up, and ensuring their reputation with their mesmerising live performance. Their last single “Helsinki” was released in March this year.

Now the band are ready to extend their place in the circuit with a new single, “I Don’t Know Where You’re Sleeping Tonight”. They crafted the song as an uptempo powerful indie rock number, which they demonstrate with plenty of big riffs, unique notes and chords, and catchy yet enigmatic edgy melodies. It is extremely appealing. Mellor know they have to deliver continuously, and in fact they always do. They are one of the most exciting and solid indie bands around today. Their sound can accommodate a large audience for sure and they will continue to make bigger waves with “I Don’t Know Where You’re Sleeping Tonight”.
For Fans of: The Amazons, Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Vaccines and The Hunna


mellor mar19

Mellor are –
Gary Kingham: vocals
Sam Igoe: drums
Kristian Bell: guitar
Josh Woodward: bass



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