InVisions – European Tour Live Review


The Anvil, Bournemouth, UK
Headliner: For The Fallen Dreams
Lineup: InVisions, Borders 
Local Support: Amorla, On Borrowed Time


After the release of the new album “Between You & Me”, we were looking forward even more than ever to seeing InVisions live. Luckily we had an opportunity to be at the show on their first UK date of the current tour with mega For The Fallen Dreams in Bournemouth recently.

From the second that InVisions intro starts it feels like you’re about to see a top level internationally touring act. The cinematic opening approach is perfect for creating a subversive atmosphere. It really helps you get into the mood of some tasty breakdowns.

Before we get started on the overall show, it’s worth pointing out that each member of this band is genuinely next level at their individual instrument. So it’s magic when it all comes together.

‘Good For Nothing’ was the opening track by InVisions. This is where the large-scale touring band vibe tends to fall apart as the backing track intro can never fault but the playing can. That is not the case when it comes to InVisions! These guys got straight out the gate to show that they mean business by just being ridiculously tight and just looking the part. They started a pit within 30 second of their first song on a Sunday night. That is a testament to how good this band are.

‘Too Little, Too Late’ was the second song we were blessed with. I got a big Hacktivist vibe with the opening of this song. The Attila vibes are obvious with these guys’ sheer amount of swagger their breakdowns carry, however this song is literally heavy for the sake of the almighty breakdown. ‘I hope it eats you alive’ was the equivalent to the Ralph Wiggum meme. I knew I was in danger with how the entire Anvil was moving. The last breakdown brought with it a healthy wall of death.

‘Memoriam’ next, which was nice for me as this is my favorite song by them (maybe because it has a guitar solo…). This is where Ben Ville shows that he is not only one of the best scream vocalists on the scene right now, but he’s also a great singer. This style is far more up my street with the catchy chorus and they nailed it live! ‘I am motherfucking bullet proof’ was the best movement of the night, with the room turning upside. The crowd were very into InVisions, and they really let the lads on stage know that.

After ‘Memoriam’, we had a trap style interlude that wouldn’t be out of place on a Drake album, which I personally love. It really helps solidify the band’s image as well. This interlude went into ‘Too Far Gone’. In the same regards as ‘Memoriam’, this song really shows Ben off as such a genuinely talented vocalist transitioning effortlessly through different vocal styles and techniques. I’m always impressed by how incredibly tight drummer Josh is too. Not only does he beat his shells like they’ve owed him money for a long time, he is so proficient, it’s scary to think people are that good at their instruments.

‘Dead To Me’ was the penultimate song. This song was obviously the least known as the crowd response wasn’t as strong for this song as the rest. Not to say the crowd was dead, it was almost like everyone was just taking a moment to just listen instead of throwing limbs. In my opinion, the second album the band released is the better of the two as it shows a clear direction. Songs like this just show the song writing power on display. Riffs x Breakdowns = Gold, when it’s done right. This is done right.

‘Parasite’ was the obvious closure as their most popular song. Everyone in the room knew this song and this was displayed by the room going mental. This chorus has always baffled me as to how Ben achieves that vocal sound. I’m always certain he won’t pull it off as it’s such an advanced technique. But every time I see them, he does it perfectly. He’s just a straight up talented dude. Drummer Josh goes crazy with tiny fills and ghost notes in this song, which I don’t think would have fit on the record, but it’s incredibly fun to watch live. The tightest member of this whole band, throughout all the talented members must be bassist Tyrone. He is keeping it real on stage.

My verdict of an InVisions show is “if you have the chance, do not miss them”. They’re an ever growing force on the UK scene with good reason.

 – Jack Wood (End Of Daze)


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