DALI – “Wide Awake” (new single)

Single: Wide Awake
Release: 30.07.21

Dali’s newest single “Wide Awake” was released at the end of July, following previous singles Bitter and Close (Stripped) in 2020.

“Versatile and endlessly interesting”. That’s how Salvador Dali’s paintings have been described, and this Southampton trio’s music lives up to their namesake. Don’t let the almost ethereal and crisp sound of the beginning of this song fool you – “Wide Awake” packs some punch once it gets going. But don’t get too comfortable either expecting a cookie cutter song, in that it goes up and it goes down, however Dali’s energy will move you from elevating riffs and powerful drum beats to simple crisp chords and beautifully almost-whispered words, back to electric compelling sounds. And like with any great composition, the music makes you soar only to swiftly bring you down at the end, bringing the melody to a full circle from the beginning.

It’s difficult to compare Dali to any one band in particular, their sound and style being so unique. But even then, they are one to watch out for. Alternative rock at its bets. Alt-Rock as it should be.

Catch them live this September, when the tour the UK, with support from Endeavour and Estate.

( Maria La Chica )

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