Dali – “Sedative” (new single)



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Debut Single: Sedative
Release Date: 21st December 2018



Hailing from Southampton, the south coast of England, Dali are an emerging alternative rock band.

The quartet released their debut single “Sedative” a month ago. The song starts with ethereal, airy sounds, but soon afterwards you realise that their attitude towards making music amounts to more than this. The mood of the track soon develops a darker tone, where they move into a grunge-like kind of sound. The vocal is distinctive and emotional. The most noticeable thing is that the tune is full of tasty riffs, which I’m sure you will enjoy.  “Sedative” is a strong and impressive track by this relatively new band. Dali are one to watch in 2019.

dali headder
Dali are -
Matthew Dudman - Vocals/Guitar
Peter Wright - Guitar
Jack Grossman - Drums


Dali have some shows coming up. Make sure to catch them if they come near you!

24th: The Dublin Castle London, United Kingdom
25th: Heartbreakers Southampton, United Kingdom
2nd: The Spice Of Life London, United Kingdom

Check their facebook page for updates!



Useful Links:
Official Website
Amazon Music
Apple Music
Google Play




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