Black Bear Kiss – “Follow Me” (new single)


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Black Bear Kiss
New Single: Follow Me (feat. Leo Golden Child)
Release Date:  18th January 2019



I have been enjoying Black Bear Kiss’ music since they released the debut track “Hooks” early last year. A week ago, the quintet based in West Midlands and Shropshire released their third single “Follow Me”, which is a positive and powerful song, and enjoyable.  Black Bear Kiss have set the bar very high.

In their own words, lyrically the song is about the pressures of modern day life and how we cope with constantly changing expectations. It does not divert from the infectious Black Bear Kiss style. The track features a guest appearance from acclaimed Birmingham rapper and motivational speaker, Leo Golden Child. Combining multiple genres is never an easy thing, but the upbeat, bass driven style of Black Bear Kiss naturally lends itself to this collaboration. The band met Leo at a charity fundraiser in 2017, this meeting made Black Bear Kiss became keen to create something different and asked him to feature on their new single.  Leo’s positive lyrics and upbeat personality add another dimension to the layers of this addictive track.


Black Bear Kiss cover artBlack Bear Kiss are:

Chris Leech - Vocals
Colin Haden - Lead Guitar
Rob Jones - Rhythm Guitars 
Rich Sach - Bass/Backing Vocals
Chris Bagnall - Drums/Backing Vocals


Recently we had an opportunity to ask Black Bear Kiss some questions. Here, you can read what they told us. Get to know them well!

Hello, Black Bear Kiss! Very happy to have you today! First of all, how did you become a band?

Originally the band was formed in 2016 by long term collaborators and good friends Rob Jones and Chris Leech, Black Bear Kiss have grown quickly on the unsigned music scene. Playing our own brand of upbeat, riffy rock inspired by Kasabian and Queens of the Stone Age, we pride ourselves on high energy performances, leaving nothing on stage!

In late 2016, we added drummer Chris Bagnall and bassist Richard Sach to the group. Adding catchy beats and funky bass grooves, as Black Bear Kiss we began to establish ourselves with sold out gigs in Birmingham and across Shropshire, playing music festivals, football fan zones and all types of music venues.

Taking our sound to the next level, we added lead guitarist Colin Haden in 2018, completing the band’s line-up with soaring melodies and Red Hot Chilli Pepper inspired solo’s.

Thank you. I always wanted to ask you this… how did you decide Black Bear Kiss as your band name?

We spent a lot of time thinking about a band name, and we were influenced by the story in the news at the time about the woman said bear came from behind and licked her neck in America. (

Oh, that’s rather unusual!
Well, how do you normally go about writing your songs?

We usually write based around a guitar or bass line and build layers around it.

Okay. Who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music or musicians?

Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age…

What should gig goers expect from your shows?

High energy, fun live shows are why we do this!

Brilliant! Does your new single lead to an EP or album?

Funny you should ask! Our debut EP is being released in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more news soon…..

For sure! This is important! Where can we find the song for streaming or downloading?

Go check out Youtube:
and Spotify:
Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and Google Play.

Great! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks for everyone who has helped us with this single, specially Gazz Rogers, Foal Studio, Lostworld Media and Alberts Shed.

Good luck with your release and thank you for your time!


Black Bear Kiss‘ next show is on Saturday 2nd February in Cannock. If you are in/near the area, join the party! Click here: Event
Also click here for more shows: Upcoming Shows


Useful Links:
Facebook: @blackbearkissband
Instagram: @blackbearkiss
Twitter: @blackbearkiss
Soundcloud: Black Bear Kiss
Spotify: Black Bear Kiss
YouTube:  Black Bear Kiss
Leo Golden Child: Leonardo Music Facebook page


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