The Virginmarys – Sitting Ducks


Artist: The Virginmarys
Single: Sweet Loretta
Album: Sitting Ducks
Release Date: 22nd September 2017


The Virginmarys have been actively showcasing their unique and original sound over the years. With dedication, energy and quality, they are one of the most noticeable bands during festivals in recent years. They released the full album “Divides” in 2016, which received wide praise from around the world including Consequence of Sound, Wall Street Journal, Clash Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Adding the tracks from “Divides” to their set, The Virginmarys are one of best live bands today if not the best.

The Virginmarys SITTING_DUCKSHailing from Macclesfield, The Virginmarys are due to release their new EP “Sitting Ducks” on 22nd September. While “Divides” reflected the fear and darkness of unpredictable times, “Sitting Ducks” showcases both light and shade. Dickaty explains “we wanted to release some music that the fans can move to and feel, sonics and words that make them feel empowered, but never lose that heartbreaking quality.” A collection of four new songs including “Sweet Loretta”, this self-produced release carries the mantra of ‘Peace, Love, Truth, Music’. “Sitting Ducks” is a cutting and sincere EP that speaks directly to what it is to live, love, and lose.


“We’ve always been hard to pigeon hole and we thank our fans time and again for letting us be ourselves so we can grow together. We have an army of incredibly dedicated fans and our lives shows have become all the more special for it. In these unpredictable times, we want to be part of the answer and put something true into the world.”  – Ally Dickaty (vocals/guitar)

Their new EP is available now to pre-order through the band’s website and Pledge Music. The Virginmarys chose to self-release in order to connect directly to their fans.

the virginmarys (2)

The Virginmarys: Ally Dickaty and Danny Dolan


To find out more about The Virginmarys, visit their sites using the links below;
Official Website:

** Featured image (heading photo) is from The Virginmarys facebook page





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