Mosley Bar release “Beside Me” (new single)


Mosley Bar beside me cover

Mosley Bar
New Single: Beside Me
Release: 9th March 2020



Hailing from the north west of England, Mosley Bar are an alternative/indie rock band. Despite still being very young, the quartet have almost 5 years of experience as Mosley Bar as the band was formed in 2015.

Their new single “Beside Me” is their first single since “Strange Place” a year ago. An acoustic guitar provides a positive start to what is an alternative rock song with plenty of riffs which is very appealing. Essentially, the song works very well with the rhyming lines of their well-crafted lyrics. Mosley Bar continue to create original music with their own unique sound.  After one of their singles ‘Two Apart” was published by Sony ATV New York last year, Mosley Bar have set themselves the bar even higher.

Beside Me (Lyrics)
She’s single and new,
she looked for clues
to the truth
and she knew
that you’d been around too,
she’s breaking the news,
breaks things then let’s loose,
when it suits,
can’t compute
with those thoughts of just two.
She thinks it’s all funny
and he thinks it too,
beside me beside me,
No space for a new one and she speaks the truth,
without me, without me
Too late for a game,
gives birth to wane,
mothers a pain, I’m insane,
got me working I’m so drained
and her aunties the same,
hangs around all day
doing the things I want to do, just let me stay.
I think I’ve grown taller,
wardrobe looking smaller,
too young for a daughter,
too deep in the water,
I’m into her sort of,
but she stays here Beside me Beside me.


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Connect with Mosley Bar:
Twitter:  @mosley_bar





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